1-Connect Wallet

Connect to Metamask or Trust Wallet or all other WalletConnect wallets. Make sure wallet connected on Ethereum mainnet(ERC20). Metamask or Trust wallet are recommended to use

2-Choose Currency

TINECO can be bought by ETH(ERC20) and also USDT(ERC20) on the Ethereum Mainnet. When buying with USDT may you'll have to first approve the spending cap.

3-Confirm the Transaction

Confirm the Transaction inside your Wallet and join the Titan Ecosystem! You'll be able to claim your tokens once the Presale ends.

What is Titan Ecosystem

BlockChain Revolution

TINECO is not just DEFI project with own blockchain, wallets, Swap, Prepaid Cards and etc but TINECO has a great feature for first time in the blockchain technology

Developers can set smart contracts to pay part of gas fee by their generated tokens . This is a revolution and checked by our blockchain engineers . This feature makes Tineco chain very popular for developers . beside this feature , Tineco chain is more secure and faster in the crypto world



Titan blockchain engineered to use less fee for transactions than any other chains and complete transactions faster than others. This functions designed by our blockchain engineers. TitanChain will ensure minimal fees for every application, game, or service developed on its platform. Achieving transactions in seconds for mere fractions of a cent is the primary transactional objective.
Titan blockchain uses various technologies and protocols, such as the PolyBFT consensus mechanism, StateSync, and Checkpoints for bridging. Additionally, it supports ERC standards like ERC-20, ERC-721, and ERC-1155 for token creation. One of the standout features is the zkEVM, which allows for zero-knowledge proofs on an EVM-compatible chain. This offers both scalability and privacy, two features that are often considered mutually exclusive in the blockchain world.

Proof of Stake (PoS)
A central feature of the TitanEco project is its Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus protocol where TINECO is staked on the titan blockchain in order to verify transactions.
Those who stake their TINECO(main coin of titan ecosystem) to the blockchain enjoy rewards for their participation – in the form of more TINECO..

TitanSwap will be launch ,a decentralized exchanger (DEX) allows to peer-to-peer marketplace where transactions occur directly between crypto traders. TitanSwap fulfill one of crypto's core possibilities: fostering financial transactions that aren't officiated by banks, brokers, or any other intermediary.

Titan Ecosystem surprises developers to share gas fee. This function is for first time in the blockchain world!
Developers can set up their smart contracts to pay %1-%40 of gas fee by their tokens. this feature made by very long time trying of our blockchain engineers. This feature makes TitanEcosystem very popular by developers very quickly

Non Custodial, HD and EVM-compatible wallet. We will also begin implementing Non-EVM Chains in the next updates, giving priority to the most used ones. The Wallet will feature an internal swap, the ability to stake within the wallet, the option to set recurring payments, and the ability to execute transactions without the need to own the native coin of the network on which you operate within the wallet, instead, you'll be able to pay with other assets you hold.
Wallets will be made for Android,IOS,Win(+8) OS so you can use them on any devices.

NFTs collection will be distributed free of charge to the community as a reward. They'll be given to early holders. Their specific utility will be unveiled in the future. There will be around 20,000 NFTs, each with its unique utility..

Visa/Master prepaid cards
the platform offers creating and loading prepaid Visa/Mastercard debit cards using TINECO coins, as well as a variety of renowned cryptocurrencies, including stablecoins, across different blockchains. These debit cards come with a maximum balance of $20,000 , a daily transaction cap of $1000, and are accepted by countless merchants globally.

At next step , we try to install ATM machines with TINECO logo in few countries
Our plan is to install 50 ATM worldwide at first step then set more and more ATMs annually .

We're planning to create a game with blockchain technology,Then move it to Titan blockchain.
The type of game and its specific features will be decided through proposals and votes from our community.

For the first time in the blockchain technologey : Developers can set up gas fee for their token to pay part of transaction fee by their native tokens
This new feature created by our blockchain engineers and it makes Titan ecosystem very popular for developers

Total Tokens


Marketing & Partners & Advisors

2,100,000,000 Tokens



CEX Listing









Chart and Info


Titan Ecosystem Chart

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Road Map

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Q2-Q3 2024

development of smart contracts for Tineco tokens sale - Begin the sale of Tineco tokens - List on leading tracking platforms - Launch marketing campaigns, bonus programs - development of smart contracts for Tineco tokens sale - Begin the sale of Tineco tokens - List on leading tracking platforms - Launch marketing campaigns, bonus programs - building a robust community for Titan Ecosystem

Q4 2024

Begin the development of Tineco Chain - TinecoChain's testnet to be operational - Launch TitanSwap with initial trading pairs and deflationary process - Start the development of the Tineco Wallet - Continue bonus programs and marketing campaigns

Q1 2025

Launch Tineco Chain on the mainnet - Extend TitanSwap to the native network - Complete the development of the Titan Wallet - Start the development of Metaverse Game

Q2 2025

Collaborate with renowned companies within and outside the crypto domain - Spread awareness about Tineco beyond current cryptocurrency users - Offer Official Tineco Merchandise for purchase - Explore payment with Tineco tokens, prepaid cards, and on the Titan Ecosystem - Enhance TINECO growth via the buy and burn mechanism

Continue ...
Too Much Works to Do

The last phase of the roadmap doesn't signify the end of our work. There are many more ambitions to fulfill, and new ideas will emerge, both from us and from you